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A warm welcome to my site. I am Elisabeth Bieze-Veerbeek. I have always been a sensitive and seeking insight. I draw and paint from my 20th. Through training in mediumship, among others at the renowned Arthur Findlay College and in the field of art, energy work and body work I developed myself to be a spirit artist, medium and spiritual coach. As a spirit artist I make contact with your deceased loved ones and I am guided by spirits to draw their portraits.

Would you like to come in contact with a deceased loved one, want to order an auragraph with soulreading (for yourself or to give as a present) or are you in need of advice, insight or support in your development? I offer various privite sittings online, and auragraphs can be send worldwide.

I also offer workshops in the field of spirit & psychic art, auragraphs, intuitive painting and drawing portraits,

If you are interested to book me to give a workshop or a demonstration of mediumship with or without spirit art in your country you can best email me for the possebillities. 


An auragraph is a drawing which depicts your life journey. Your roots, influences from mother and father, challenges, your personal and spiritual growth become visual. In a reading I use the colours, images and symbols to read your past present and potential. The drawing is handpainted with watercolours on special paper.  

An auragraph can be delivered in different sizes: 
*Auragraph standard: papersize 30x40 cm, circle 25 cm (can be send as a package) 
*Auragraph large: papersize 50x65 cm, circle 40 cm (can be send as a package) 


For ordering an auragraph I need the full name, date of birth, a photograph of the person for whom the drawing is ment to be, and which size you choose.  We make an appointment for a reading on skype after the auragraph is finished and arrived. 
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Mediumistic consultation

If you wish to contact a deceased friend or relative or if you would like proof that life goes on and that your deceased loved one is still alive in the spirit realm, a mediamistic consultation can provide you with what you are looking for.

I consider it a rewarding task to make the connection between my clients and their deceased loved ones. It may be a moving experience to recoqnize your loved one in response to the information such as character traits, details and memories, or because you see the portrait of your loved one when I'm drawing. Anyone who leaves this earthly life behind, leaves the physical body behind and then lives on in the spirit world. Love is the bridge between our worlds and they are only a thought away. To make an appointment for a reading on skype use Contact me

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